Image recognition technologies

VeMIR (Visual Engines Mobile Image Recognition) is a software development kit (SDK) to add image recognition capabilities to mobile applications developed for both iOS and Android. By embedding VeMIR it becomes possible to activate the cam of the device, to scan the surrounding reality to find objects or images. Once the object is recognized, it can be described in detail and used inside the application itself.

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VeMIR ReadyToGo

VeMIR ReadyToGo is a “proof of concept” mobile App available on Google Play and Apple App Store. Once the application is installed on your device, it allows you to match cam images with different pre-loaded archives: Andy Warhol, monuments of Pisa, etc. If you are in front of one of those objects or a picture of them, and you point your cam to the object, VeMIR will immediately recognize it and will give you feedback and the opportunity to browse the attached information.
Would you like to try with your own images?
You need to register on the VeMIR Recognizer Builder site and start building your private image archive. Follow the video tutorial below in this page. VeMIR ReadyToGo is available on Android app on Google Play and apple. Build your own recongizers with the VeMIR Recognizer builder

how it works



Uploading images on the VeMIR Recognizer Repository


The first step is to upload your images on the VeMIR content repository called “VeMIR Recognizer Builder“. The repository is a Web server where all your images are stored, enriched with useful descriptive information and processed to extract the specific signatures. Creation of search indexes on image signatures is the crucial step enabling the matching process.

VeMIR Recognizer Builder Turorial


All the mobile devices containing a VeMIR enabled application are periodically updated with data from the VeMIR Web Server. In particular, the signature database and the thumbnail repository on the device are updated with respect to the new images acquired on the server.


Periodical synchronization of the App local repository


Use the device cam to scan the world around you


Open your VeMIR enabled App and start scan the real world around you with the cam. Point the cam toward objects you want to know more about i.e. a painting on the wall, the front of a church along the street, an image on a magazine. The scan process may be applied on single shoots (the user point the cam and click to take the picture to be matched) or on a continuous scanning (the user open the cam and move it around, VeMIR automatically take the pictures and match them).


The VeMIR App may work totally off-line matching all images taken by the cam  with the local (device) signature database. The “on-device” nature of the matching mechanism make it possible to use it everywhere, even on an airplane, abroad or in places where connection isn’t available. Moreover, the matching algorithm, if not using the network, is extremely fast as it takes few milliseconds to match a single image.


VeMIR may work everywhere even without connection


VeMIR recognized your image


The probability to recognize an object, the image of which is stored in the VeMIR repository, is very high. The matching algorithm is able to cope with various deviation from the exact image present in the database (rotation, translation, immersion in a different context, etc.).

When the object is know (recognized), the application will tell you more about it.