Image recognition technologies


Fashion+ is an application supporting services like online shopping stores and fashion websites by using visual recognition, thus enhancing the offer of fashion companies by making it easier to shop on their websites and to enjoy additional services.

Fashion+ can be easily customized so as to cater to the clients needs (i.e. the name of the app can change depending on the brand of the fashion company involved).

It’s extremely easy to use, also for those who don’t have a good IT knowledge. Any user scans:

  • an image on magazines/ads
  • a video (commercials, fashion shows)
  • a physical object

with the camera of his mobile device, so that Fashion+ recognizes it and activates the underlying actions:

  • Extra details (description, models, colour, size, price, comments, advice about outfits, etc.)
  • Gallery (to see new and old collections)
  • Videos (fashion shows, ads)
  • Links to the online stores
  • Share (to share contents on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Store Locator (find the nearest stores).

The reason why Fashion+ is so innovative is because it lets potential clients have a quicker and more interactive access to information related to products of their interest and an easier way of shopping. This app produces a higher engagement than traditional advertising channels.

Fashion+ was created by using VeMIR technology.

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The “FashionPlus” App is freely available on App Store and Google Play. Once downloaded and installed on your mobile device it is immediately ready for use. To know the images/videos that you can recognize you only need to click on the buttons “Recognizable Images” or “Recognizable Videos” above.
 Android app on Google Play