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Who we are

Visual Engines was founded in 2013 by researchers of Information Science and Technologies Institute (ISTI-CNR) in Pisa, and by the company Inera srl. Visual Engines is now in line to be recognized as a spin-off company of CNR (Italian National Research Council).

What we do

We develop software products and applications based on automatic visual analysis, searching, and recognition. The technologies on which rely all the Visual Engines solutions are: Visual Information Retrieval (VIR), and Visual Object Recognition (VOR).  These technologies are the result of several year of research carried out in many national and international research projects by the Networked Multimedia Information System (NeMIS) laboratory.

The Team

An excellent mix of extensive research experience, state of the art technological know-how and creativity.

Andrea Pini


Claudio Gennaro


Fausto Rabitti


Fabrizio Falchi


Giuseppe Amato


Paolo Bolettieri


Franca Debole