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Visual Engines srl was born as an innovative start-up in 2013 by the NeMIS (Networked Multimedia Information Systems) Lab of ISTI (Institute of Information Science and Technology) of the CNR of Pisa and INERA SRL, and it became an innovative venture in 2018.

His mission includes activities of:

  • applied research, development of technologies, for the search for images and the recognition of objects in images, and their application for the development, engineering and marketing of software products and services;
  • study, design, industrial development, production and commercial promotion of services, solutions, products for image processing, multimedia and content in general and information systems;
  • technical-scientific and business consultancy in the field of analysis, research and visual recognition technologies.




Visual Engines has the visual technologies developed at the NeMIS Lab, such as:

Large-Scale Similarity Search

Deep Learning / Deep Features

Cross Media Retrieval / Object Retrieval

Face Recognition

Re-identification in Smart Cameras Networks

Images in Cultural Heritage applications

It also has an agreement protocol with ISTI-CNR to carry out research activities in the context of projects on Visual Information Retrieval issues and to increase the technology transfer from the CNR to Visual Engines.

Visual Engines solutions, available and in the course of design, are focused on visual analysis functionality carried out with intelligent devices. They are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, more specifically on Machine and Deep Learning. The solutions use neural networks for the analysis of images made by hardware / software systems, based on Single Board Computer, which can be stand alone or connected to remote servers. The particular advantage of using AI technologies is the detection and recognition in real time of anomalous situations and events, in an automatic way, with parametrizable confidence, without the need for supervision staff or post-registration video analysis. Other advantages of the solutions are the use of specialized neural networks that can be reprogrammed and the containment of costs through the use of low cost devices.

In case the solutions are aimed to film people / workers, they are designed in compliance with the rules on the protection of personal data established by EU Regulation 2016/679 and the Workers’ Statute.

The available technologies lend themselves for application in solutions for many market sectors, both public and private




An excellent mix of extensive research experience, state of the art technological know-how and creativity.

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