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visual analysis system for detecting free parking spaces

The search for parking, for those who travel by car, is often an expensive and boring daily task that wastes time and leads to stress. Instead of following the pedestrians walking into a parking lot or wandering between the already parked cars like a new pac-man, wouldn’t it be easier to know how many and which parking spaces are actually free?

ParkingView is the answer to this question: the solution proposed by ParkingView allows you to know the free parking spaces, analyzing the information provided by the video sensors installed in the area.

ParkingView is a flexible solution, which applies to public parking spaces or open spaces, and which can be integrated with existing video surveillance and parking management systems.


ParkingView is the solution designed for motorists but dedicated to either public or private parking managers. In this way, the information on the occupation of parking spaces permits to:

  • improve parking management
  • monitor the turnout on a time basis
  • evaluate the incidence of events or the event on the availability of the parking stalls
  • set up cost and marketing strategies
  • plan budget and investments
  • formulate forecasts on the use of the parking, based on the history of the information collected
  • possibly support the checking of parking payment

The service is conceived to be primarly user oriented, enabling the usability of the information on the parking stalls throughout multiple channels and modes: information panels indicating the number of free parking spaces; bright indications inside the parking lot that guide the user; dedicated mobile applications; integration of information into already existing apps, municipal web portals (specialized or of various kinds); informative totems.

The operation of the ParkingView system is based on the analysis of the parking information produced by the video sensors installed in the area: this information is acquired by the system and processed through a trained neural network that indicates which, among the parking spaces defined, are available . The information on the parking stalls is sent to the parking management system and from here to the various publication channels: mobile app, websites, information panels.


The ParkingView system complies with the provisions issued by the Privacy Authority in terms of processing personal data.


  • Possibility to detect 10 to 50+ parking stalls for each video sensor
  • Operation in multiple environmental and temperature situations
  • Use of advanced video sensors that allow immediate data analysis and reduction of the network bandwidth used
  • Compatibility with SmartCity architectures and IoT protocols (LoRaWan, SigFox)
  • System servers hosted and guaranteed by international providers


  • Reduction of system deployment times on customer end
  • Reduced system and management costs
  • Possibility of using already existing video control systems
  • Solution based on improvable and upgradable software components
  • Minimum new hardware purchase required
  • Integration with parking management systems.